Envato - Purchase Code Verify Script

Publicado a 2017-02-13 por EZCode

EPCVerify is a php script that you can use on your own projects or use it as a stand alone tool. EPCVerify is a verifying tool script that helps you checking information about purchased products you manage, and buyers who have aquired your product. This script is fully compatible with bootstrap. So if you plan to use it as a feature on your website or Backoffice youŽll be able to implement it without any problems.


  • Returns Purchased Envato Item Name;
  • Returns Buyer Name;
  • Returns License Information;
  • Support End Date;
  • Purchased Item Count;


  • Webserver
  • PHP Module


  • 100% Responsive Design
  • PSR2 Coding Standards Followed
  • Secure From SQL Injections and XSS Attacks
Just take a look at our Envato - Purchase Code Verify Script here.